Thursday, October 1, 2009

New articles!

Helium updated "My Helium" today and I am excited because I earned some money in the last few days. My account nearly doubled!!! Which consequently is not hard to do since it only had about two dollars in it to begin with. But I earned a empty title bonus as well as an upfront pay bonus. Yeah me! I am attempting 20 article submissions this October and seeing what kind of residual earnings I can make from it.

So as far as articles go. I am thinking about some retail sales and retail sales management articles. With my experience in retail sales management I should be able to contribute with some success. Maintaining my writing star is very important to me and I'll try my best to write my best. Without that writing star I will loose any empty-title and upfront payment bonus possibilities.

So total earnings are $4.36!!!

Go me...seems petty doesn't it. Well, this blog will let everyone know the true earnings potential with Helium!


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