Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wife traveling again....

Well, as a dad with three children all 6 and under it is especially stressful when the wife goes out of town. Everyone always all of a sudden wants "mommy" and I am just not good enough. Well, here goes untill Friday at midnight again.

I posted several articles on Helium today/tonight/this morning. Check them out if you get a chance.




Hopefully I'll keep my writing star with these postings. All of them qualify for an upfront bonus if I can keep my star at the end/beginning of the month.

Other than that not much else going on tonight. Still trying to figure out this whole blogging thingy. Don't know what it will turn out to be.

For now, a sometimes daily update of my articles at www.helium.com and my earnings from them. Helium is a site for writers to earn money off of web published articles. They also have marketplace competitions and such. If you are interested in writing on Helium just send me an email and I'll send you an invite. If you invite writers you get 5% of their earnings as an incentive. www.bwileyjax@hotmail.com. Just put Helium Invite in the title and leave me your email address.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Job Change

Today I started a new position with my employer. For everyone that doesn't know, which is pretty much everyone, I work at Lowes. I am now the newest commercial sales specialist. Basically I sell products to the contractors and local businesses. I'll be traveling around given demonstrations on how Lowes can help their business grow and prevent their associates from wasting time and running to the home improvement stores all the time.

Funny thing today. A customer came in to get some very heavy 80 pound bags of concrete. This guy got all pissed because he had to step over a flat blue cart in order to put 4 of these bags into his red cart. The idiot... that's exactly what the blue carts are for.

Justin, a co-worker threw a wet rag at Paul and hit him right in the face. It was totally awesome. We then decided to play the "meow game". If anyone has ever seen Supertroopers you will know exactly what game I am talking about. You pretty much substitute any random word while speaking to a customer with meow. I.E. How are you doing meow? I swear 99% of the time the customers never even blink and answer accordingly. It is really funny trying not to laugh sometimes.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Wow! There is a lot of stuff to I have to do before I can even hope to get published. I thought I knew the ropes. I have to first research the different book publishers and find which ones your book best "fits" with. Shouldn't be too bad right... Except there are only a million of them! I have some work to do.
Things to do today. Gotta clean out the car and take it to the shop to have the oil changed and brakes looked at. I still have to make sandwiches for my girls and take it to their school's before lunch (ran out of bread this morning) which is at 12:00. It is now only 9:18. I have to do some clean up of the girls rooms as their mother is coming home today (around 4:00) which will probably take all day to do. I wanted to work on one of the stories that I am working on but it looks as if it will have to wait until tonight.

My oldest (6 in first grade) was lied to by a friend yesterday. She was devastated last night when we discovered it. She said her friend Anne Marie gave her an invitation to a sleep over for Friday night. She never opened it and was so very excited. When I opened it last night the invitation was from another friend named Sierra. Anne Marie had delivered it to Gracie and told her that it was for her party at her house. Well, Gracie was really upset to find that it is not Anne Marie's party. She knew right away that Anne Marie had lied and was hurt because of it. I think that I'll use this for another children's story. A lesson was learned. It hurts other peoples feelings when you don't tell the truth.

Well, that's enough for now. Gotta get started on these errands before time runs out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Blog

Hello World!

One of my aspirations is to be a children's author. No its not for the money. Rather, I have always loved books. As a young child my mom and dad were always reading to me. Okay, mostly mom. In fact the only book that my dad has ever read was "The Amityville Horror." If that's spelled wrong please correct me. Even that was when he was a young man. Anyways, as I was saying, I loved to read. Being a military brat I grew up on Air Force bases. My parents also cleaned base housing once the tenants moved out. Needless to say, my sister and I had lots of spare time while mom and dad were washing walls and such. Mom would take us to the library and we would get sacks full of books and read them all the time. Hundreds of them, from my favorites the Hardy Boys and the Three Investigators to all kinds of other stories and mysteries.

As a kid I started my own mystery series based on the Hardy Boys and Three Investigators. Recently my mother had been doing some house cleaning and found a very old notebook. She looked inside and found my first partially handwritten mystery novel, "The Red Ribbon Gang." Yes, as a 10-year old I had started to write my own book. She managed to send it home with my oldest daughter after she had visited them for a week this summer. It was a surprise to find it. Of course I just had to read it. There were lots of mistakes and extremely bad grammar in places, but the story was overall very good.

It was at that moment that I remembered how much I enjoyed writing stories. All of these years had passed and I had forgotten that I loved to write. I decided right then and there to write a story and attempt to live out one of my childhood dreams and become a published author. Especially since baseball is now out of the question. :)

Now I realize that becoming a published author is no easy task. I know that the first "real" book that I write will probably be crap. I can deal with that. Over the last three weeks since I rediscovered my passion for writing I have been overjoyed.

I wrote a little children's board book for my girls this last week. I read it to them tonight. Needless to say they loved it. Even if it were to never be made into a book the look in their eyes when I read it to them off of the computer was priceless (it was the first time they had heard a story with their names in it). So far, that's good enough for me.

My next step is of course coming up with more ideas and writing more stories. I plan to have a base of stories and join a writers group here locally (Tallahassee Florida) and have them critiqued. If any can be good enough I will then send it/them off. I have tons to write about and tons of research to do but am extremely excited to be started already.

I recently started an account with Twitter. Look for me, bwileyjax. I find Twitter especially helpful and try to make it to #kidlitchat on Wednesday nights at 9PM EST.