Friday, September 25, 2009

Things to do today. Gotta clean out the car and take it to the shop to have the oil changed and brakes looked at. I still have to make sandwiches for my girls and take it to their school's before lunch (ran out of bread this morning) which is at 12:00. It is now only 9:18. I have to do some clean up of the girls rooms as their mother is coming home today (around 4:00) which will probably take all day to do. I wanted to work on one of the stories that I am working on but it looks as if it will have to wait until tonight.

My oldest (6 in first grade) was lied to by a friend yesterday. She was devastated last night when we discovered it. She said her friend Anne Marie gave her an invitation to a sleep over for Friday night. She never opened it and was so very excited. When I opened it last night the invitation was from another friend named Sierra. Anne Marie had delivered it to Gracie and told her that it was for her party at her house. Well, Gracie was really upset to find that it is not Anne Marie's party. She knew right away that Anne Marie had lied and was hurt because of it. I think that I'll use this for another children's story. A lesson was learned. It hurts other peoples feelings when you don't tell the truth.

Well, that's enough for now. Gotta get started on these errands before time runs out.

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