Saturday, September 26, 2009

Job Change

Today I started a new position with my employer. For everyone that doesn't know, which is pretty much everyone, I work at Lowes. I am now the newest commercial sales specialist. Basically I sell products to the contractors and local businesses. I'll be traveling around given demonstrations on how Lowes can help their business grow and prevent their associates from wasting time and running to the home improvement stores all the time.

Funny thing today. A customer came in to get some very heavy 80 pound bags of concrete. This guy got all pissed because he had to step over a flat blue cart in order to put 4 of these bags into his red cart. The idiot... that's exactly what the blue carts are for.

Justin, a co-worker threw a wet rag at Paul and hit him right in the face. It was totally awesome. We then decided to play the "meow game". If anyone has ever seen Supertroopers you will know exactly what game I am talking about. You pretty much substitute any random word while speaking to a customer with meow. I.E. How are you doing meow? I swear 99% of the time the customers never even blink and answer accordingly. It is really funny trying not to laugh sometimes.

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